Hair Bleaching, Highlighting & Coloring damage explained

Bleach works by going into the hair shaft, reacting with the stable pigment molecules, and breaking them down into components that will wash right out of your hair and down the drain. The problem is that when this occurs it weakens the strand by breaking down the natural fatty acids on the hair shaft. This is permanent damage, and the longer you bleach the worse it gets. Your hair gets its natural color from melanin, the same pigment that lends hues to eyes and skin. Two kinds of melanin (eumelanin and pheomelanin) combine in different ratios to produce different shades. More eumelanin makes hair dark (black hair is almost entirely eumelanin), and more pheomelanin makes hair red (though a bit of pheomelanin mixed with eumelanin is what makes brown). Blonde hair can have any combination of the two, but in lower levels. So, having blonde hair is comparable to “turning down the volume” of another shade. When hair completely loses its melanin, it looks white or gray because of the way light moves through it: in the same way that melanin-free eyes are blue, not clear. (Fun fact: Polar bears have “white” hair because their fur is actually clear.) Permanent artificial hair color does not just deposit pigment onto your hair but instead it open up the shaft, breaks down the natural pigment and slips in molecules that (once combined inside the hair) make a particular color. So you want to lighten your hair color to by going platinum or just shifting shades, the original pigments of your natural hair needs to go, but how will you protect your hair? There are several products out there… HOWEVER vivid hair Protector™  may be the most attainable and easy to use product out there!



This is how Healthy and Damaged Hair looks under the microscope

a. Healthy Hair-The cuticle (the outer layer) lay smooth. All of it’s “scales” are lined up and flat, one on top of the other. Flat cuticles mean more light reflection and shine
b. Slightly Raised Cuticles- This is a slightly raised cuticle. This is what an average person’s hair looks like when they use a blow dryer. This can also be attributed to towel drying. It is important not to rough it up.
c. Extremely raised cuticle-Main causes are bleaching, coloring, obsessive heat styling, using too many alcohol based products, shampooing and not conditioning, etc… This will leave your hair looking dull and lifeless. This surface cannot reflect light, and therefore there is no shine.
d. Hair waiting to break off.


vivid hair Protector™  How does it work?

vivid hair Protector™ is composed of uniquely derived silk proteins (fibroin, sericin and seroin) & keratin interlaced by a complex network of polysaccharides derived from linseed. This is due to its unique technology that provides an efficient delivery system, which allows the bleaching process takes place in its entirety without compromising the integrity of the hair fiber. vivid hair Protector™ protects the cortical regions (macro and microfibrils) and consequently the keratin chains and cuticles, through selective film formation. In order to compare and test the effectiveness of vivid hair Protector™, half-head and sample stresses tests were conducted in salons and labs. The results showed rapid and increasing improvement of the hair condition as soon as the first application. While hair condition continues to deteriorate with traditional bleaching and coloring, hair that has been treated with vivid hair Protector™, clearly shows strength, thickness and shine. Other benefits were:

• The hair was protected during the bleaching process
• The hair’s health was maintained and restored
• The hair strength was improved thicker and stronger hair fibers
• Improved manageability
• Increased lightening and shade control


What to Expect?

If you have been bleaching, highlighting & coloring for a long time:  Once you start using it rest assure that you are protecting your hair from any further damage you may have caused in past coloring and/or bleaching. You will notice healthier hair, and as your hair will keep growing you will have the hair that you have been missing for a long time. With additional uses you will notice great improvement I the condition of your hair.

If you are about to bleach, highlighting your hair for the first time: You will simply notice that you haven’t damaged your hair.  Doing this will be a very smart move as you will be doing it again and again, keeping your hair healthy and beautiful. If you haven’t touched hair that was bleached without protection, I urge that you do.



How to use vivid hair Protector™

At a fraction of the cost vivid hair Protector™ is real easy to use;
Bleaching: add 25% of the weight of bleach powder that you intend to use. Example: most bleaching product comes in 1oz (30 grams), therefore you will mix 1/4oz (7.5 grams) of vivid hair Protector™ together with 1oz of bleaching powder and most likely 2oz of a developer (developer is usually twice the bleaching powder)

Coloring: add 8% of the weight of coloring cream that you intend to use. Example:  if you used 1oz (30 grams) of coloring cream, you will mix  2.5-3.0 grams of vivid hair Protector™ together with 1oz of coloring cream and most likely 2oz of a developer (developer is usually twice the coloring cream)
*Always use a digital scale (+/- 1gr) for accurate results.

Troubleshooting and tips: Due to the fact that there are many brands of developers, bleaching and coloring products out there, it is possible  that you may not get enough lift and or the desired color at the first time. Our product was successfully tested with several leading brands around the world. If you are having any issues with lift or processing time, Start by using less vivid hair Protector™. Lighteners have differing levels of lift. You will need to adjust your based on the level offered by the lightener. By adding vivid hair Protector™ to your lightener, you are able to prevent damage during the process. In addition, add vivid hair Protector™ into your color to prevent damage. If you feel you are not getting past that “yellowish orange” tone, you can process longer or reduce the amount of vivid hair Protector™ by 20-30%. Be sure to check the progress every few minutes. Work with a digital scale. Accuracy matters!